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School uniform has been an important part of an education institution throughout the globe. The idea of wearing school uniform has been practiced throughout European, African, Asian, and South American public and private schools. The wearing of school uniform seems like an old concept for North American. The only time a student is wearing school uniform is when they attend a public school other than that this kind of practice is not normal for families and children. Yet the use of school uniform has countless benefits such as increasing the performance of students, students learning and positive attitude towards school activity (…..). The use of school uniform also will affect certain aspects of a student behavior, family financial problems, creates no barrier between friends and clarify their identity inside school area. School uniform can improve student’s behavior in their attitudes inside and outside school area by making them more discipline. Based on a research by Elisabetta Gentile and Scott A Imberman from the University of Houston “Dressed for Success? The Effect of School Uniforms on Student Achievement and Behavior”. School Uniform lowers victimization by decreasing gang activity and fights. Gang activity leads to bullying and bully is one of the biggest concerns in school these days. Many students are socially, verbally, and physically bullied during school hour. One of the reasons why students are often bullied is because they failed to “fit-in” in this particular group of friends. They are bullied because they are not wearing the same fashion as the others and they are “different” compared to this particular group of students that are