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Annie Venditto
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School Uniforms From the outside looking in, most would consider school uniforms to be an unnecessary complication. From the perspective of one who has spent the entirety of their schooling lasting by a dress code, it hazzs become certain that school uniforms greatly benefit the day to day life of a student. With the origin of the school uniform coming about through an effort belonging to segregation, the concept has evolved from one of hate into one with very many positive elements. School uniforms are beneficial to the social and academic success of students.
A very important aspect regarding school uniforms is one of safety. With the entire school body in uniforms, spotting those who don’t belong becomes very easy for the faculty.
Wearing a school uniform rather than flashy apparel draws less attention to the students from those who could possibly cause them harm. (Boyd.) Continuing along the lines of drawing less attention to student, sexual offences diminished by 96% after a school implemented a uniform policy. (­uniforms/) Studies show that behavior and attendance rates have improved for students who are required to wearing uniforms. Cases of vandalism have gone down by 69% since the implementation of school uniforms in many districts. With this staggering statistic making itself known, there are an increasing number of cities requiring uniforms in their own public school systems.

(­school­uniform­statistics.html) Some may say that uniforms are an act of guarding the student’s free will to express them selves. Others say that kids individuality are being ignored and that providing uniforms is taking children’s rights away. What people don’t realize is that enforcing uniforms is not an act of punishment for the students,