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School Uniforms Should Be Required In All School Should school uniforms be required? Most school educators students and parents think that having school uniforms will take away the right of freedom of choice. Others believe that if all students are in the same uniform, each individual student will look at the other in the same light, no one will feel inferior. After carefully reviewing both sides of the issue I believe that all students should wear uniforms. Some parents and educators think that letting students wear what they want gives them a sense of worthiness, and students will not feel like they are being restricted. Without uniforms, they say, students will think that they can have an individual way of thinking that will help them excel l in all areas of life, not just in the area of academics. They think students can be what they dream and inspire to be by being individuals not dressing or thinking alike. Parents also think that they are giving the student a sense of responsibility letting students wear what they want to wear. Then there is the issue of money, most families think that if they are spending their own money. The family should be able to spend it on what they want to spend it on, and not what the school is expecting them to spend it on. With this being said there are also people who say why can’t there just be a dress code and no one will have be concerned about what anyone is wearing, because the dress code would be used as a tool and guideline for all students to adhere to. I think there are many reasons students should all wear uniforms. One main reason is that with uniforms students that may have a lower self a steam outside of school can feel that they are just as worthy as the next student in the class room. With this in mind I think student can have the confidence they need to succeed academically. When you have student wearing a pair of 200.00 shoes and another one wearing a pair of shoes that cost a lot less, the person with the cheaper pair of shoes in some cases will get ridiculed or laughed at. When this occurs many students feel inferior. If all students wear uniforms the ramifications for those who can’t afford to buy expensive clothes will not be so severe. I also think having three or four uniforms is a lot less expensive than having a wardrobe full of clothes designated just for school. Another reason for all students to wear uniforms is that with all the gang and click paraphilia going on in schools, having everyone wear the same clothes could