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School Uniforms (Page 23) One major problem with uniforms is that they restrict a student or whomever is wearing the uniform, to express their selves. Uniforms are in use for a few reasons: conforming a select group of people, the creation of equality, and a display of a certain level of status or class. While uniforms are exercised as a status of equal rank and certain standards, many don’t always agree on why students and others, should allow and wear uniforms. The main purpose uniforms serve, is to unify a specific organization of people that all interpret and tolerate a distinctive set of rules and/or guidelines. However, school uniform policies create about as many problems as they do solve. One problem with uniforms is that they acquire a reasonable amount of money, for most that is. The expense of a uniform is something that you have to be willing to pay if you are in compliance with a restricted uniform policy. Many are not fond of uniforms, for they often times create altercations between students or parents and a school administrator. The controversy over school uniforms is quite perplexed if you think about it, the numerous students who agree to abide by a uniform policy are basically signing over there expressional rights. Students and others should think twice before agreeing on losing your likeable, individuality and signing a habitual agreement for uniforms. Although uniforms may seem like an easy solution to discipline students and problems, they time