School Violence Essay

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I. INTRODUCTION 2 1.1. Rationale 2 1.2. Aims of the Research 3 1.3. Research Questions 3 1.4. Significance of the Research 3 1.5. Limitation of the Research 3 II. LITERATURE REVIEW 4 2.1. Definition 4 2.2. Characteristics 4 2.3. Opinions about School Violence 5 III. METHODOLOGY 6 3.1. Subjects 6 3.2. Scope 6 3.3. Methods 6 3.3.1. Method of Collecting Information 6 3.3.2. Data Collection Instruments 7 IV. FINDINGS AND DISCUSSION 7 4.1. Essence of School Violence 7 4.1.1. The Real Situation of School Violence in Dalat City 7 4.1.2. The Consequence of School Violence 12 4.2. Cause of School Violence 13 4.2.1. Directly Cause. 14 4.2.2. Indirectly Cause 15 4.3. Solution of School Violence 18 …show more content…
Every kid is not violence when they are newborn babies. When they weren’t satisfied in mind, they will behave violence. Below, I define some definitions used in research of violence school.
Divorce- Children, especially young children, they have to suffer a big shock, a big hurt in their mind when their parents getting divorced. That’s not equal for them because they are in mood of being abundance. They don’t have enough the care compare with friends at the same age. This unfair will be a base for them to behave violently in schools.
Pressure- When the society develops, it requires people must excellent. By then, parents put too much pressure on children. Some children couldn’t stand the high pressure but parents and friend might think he or she is lazy or stupid. It cause them to violence
Fighting- Children learn from what they see. If they see a fighting in the house or on television, they will imitate it easily. Or other word, they will act exactly what they see
According to Nhom tac gia (2010), school violence is so common. If everyone gives a hand, we could minimize the violence in school. It is not a personal responsibility but it is a collective responsibility. Don’t shifts responsibility onto only children.
2.3. Opinions about School Violence
"Every kid in America is wondering, 'Can this happen at my school?'," said Jim Copple, a former high school principal in Wichita, Kansas, and