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The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian
School-Wide Assignment
Since we will be working with this book at the beginning of the year, please use this assignment to keep track of your thoughts and analyses. Freshmen may turn in a hand-written or typed assignment.
Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors are expected to turn in a typed and completed assignment to their English teacher on the first day of school. This is an individual assignment. Please do your own work. You will submit this to the first week of school.
Publishing Year:
Themes: A theme is a message; it is a comment by the author about society, people’s behavior, or the human condition. A theme is a complete idea. It is a sentence; it is not just a word. After reading the novel, what two themes could you find?
-One theme about this book is that treat people with respect even if they are disable in any way .__________________________________

-When people are poor or need any type of help ,help them with any needs.____________________________________

Evidence for one theme: Write and cite a line from the book that supports one of your themes. After you have done that, highlight or circle the theme you have selected.
“Everybody on the rez calls me a retard twice a day'.________________________________
'During the day of halloween i decide to trick or treat for change for the poor of the poor'._________________________________
(page 5 ).

Figurative Language: Figurative language refers to similes, metaphors, personification, or hyperbole that should not be taken literally. Please quote your favorite example of figurative language and write if it is a simile, metaphor, personification, or hyperbole.
“kill as in a metaphor . I mean kill as in 'beat me to death.______________________________________
'I was a human punching bag " ( page 63 ).

Type of Figurative Language: metaphor

Figurative Language Analysis: Using your quoted example of figurative language from the left-hand side of this box, analyze (look at something closely in a methodical way) the language used. What effect does this type of figurative language have on characterization or theme? (Please answer using complete sentences.)
Symbolism: Symbolism occurs when an object stands for something else: doves for peace or hearts to represent love are two basic examples of everyday symbolism. In literature, symbols might be more complex. Select an example from the book that you believe represents something else. Discuss the symbol, what you think it represents, and why you found it important. (Please answer using complete sentences.)
-Alcohal is represents death becuase in the book most indians die by it.

Allusion: An allusion is a reference to an actual work of literature, a historic event, a well-known person, or a piece of popular culture. Select one allusion from the novel and discuss how it enhanced