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Brooke Bohnstehn
WR 121

“Not so sweet home”

“Your house is really messy why doesn’t’ your mom clean it?” My new best friend Tabitha asked. To me this was clean In fact the cleanest it had been in weeks. Sure there were dirty dishes stacked so high they were leaning to the left and yea there was some trash bags next to the trash, but like I said still pretty clean compared to the norm. Didn’t her house ever look that way? Why was she acting like my house was so messy was it really that bad? Little did I know yes indeed it was. I can remember my parents sleeping a lot when I was little. They didn’t just sleep they were like the living dead. It was impossible to wake them up and on the chance they did get up to go to the kitchen for a big gulp from the jug or to the John there was no chance of coherent conversation. This is when the house started to smell of dirty diapers and heaped laundry. Days would go by before my mom was up and at them again, which meant that I had to step in and be mommy. This meant all the abandoned house work was now up to me as well as taking care of my little brother and two sisters. First on my list was to climb the never ending mountain of rotted decaying dishes. It felt like it took me the whole day just to get through the dishes that had accumulated over the weeks of my mother’s neglect. Sometimes the task was so over whelming that I would just take the filthy dishes, and throw them as far as I could under our decrepit trailer. The trash was to be thrown out the window near the kitchen table due to the lack of funds for trash service. People would stare when they went by our house. I was slowly coming to the realization that what I had always believed to be a normal way of living was not at all normal or healthy. At the age of twelve I no longer had the stress free life of a preteen I was now taking care of three young children as well as