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The March that was heard around the world
More than 250,000 people marched along the Washington Monument, to cheer on Martin Luther King Jr. as his words boomed as he said his life changing speech. Things lead up the big March on Washington, like slavery, and having people earn their freedom by working for years or until you die. Also having everything segregated like libraries, schools, hospitals, and even drinking fountains. Not only is that if you colored it are hard to find a nice place to live and to be treated kindly. Just think about a colored person walking on the streets and you see him do nothing to anyone but someone pushed him or her on the ground just because their “black”. In some places they won’t even serve you because you are different. At the park in some places they won’t let you play with because their mother won’t allow it. Yes, I do believe the March on Washington was successful and did reach its goals. The March on Washington in 1963, changed things like colored can go to the same schools and now play baseball in the major leagues and participate in the military. Freedom on the bus and even unsegregated most public places like parks and stores. Before the march people were really shocked that they let Jackie Roberson play baseball in the major leagues and Rosa Parks not moving when a white guy came on the bus. “We couldn’t afford to ride the bus.” Avery said in the magazine Upfront. All of that basically showed people why they needed to come and help. Little black nine was nine black kids who were trying to unsegregated schools in 1957. Also it helped the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act. In 1964 one year after the march President Lyndon b, Johnson signed the civil rights act with Martian Luther king Jr. looking at him. This act outlaws segregation in employment, public education, and public facilities. “Racism is still with us but it is important to prepare our children for that it is everywhere to meet and hopefully overcome.” – Rosa Parks This quote is