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The Diary of a Part-Time Indian
By: Sherman Alexie
5. (1) put yourself in the story. I chose Arnold Spirit Jr. to be my best friend. Arnold is a hardworking Indian; he seems to show that he gives up on his life because he is a “waterhead”. Even though he gives the impression that he gives up, he doesn’t. There is fire that is constantly burning inside of him, that gives him the will to prove everyone wrong. He is useful, and he will make a difference in his tribe. When Arnold leaves the “rez” school, he ventures into an unknown world of white kids. At this point I am fascinated to be Arnolds best friend because he didn’t want to live to be a failure and decided to better himself and left to create his true self. I would love to have a friend like this, always there for you as long as you accept him for who he is. This type of friend has a lot of motivation and can help you whenever you’re in need. When Arnold played Basketball against his tribe, his coach stayed with him in the hospital praising him for having the guts to even step on the court and face his tribe in a metaphorical battle. Arnold demonstrates that fire which I love. I love his fire because it shows his determination to succeed in his distant goal. Arnold’s pain causes him to be humorous. When Arnold gets angry or confused he always touches a realistic problem, in the real world. He identifies real teenage problems, and gives them a real solution. Throughout the story Arnold plays a big role in