Essay on School: Working Class and Green Reading Group

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I think one the Main Themes or lessons of the story is the rich and the wealthy always will be better off and in-control, where the poor and middle class is less fortunate. It’s easy for the rich, they can do whatever they want too, in-control. One specific example to show the you what I mean is let’s look at celebrities. They have the money to do whatever their hearts desire, buying big houses that’s worth millions of dollars without it even hurting their pockets. For someone like myself to go through college wouldn’t be so bad when it comes to working hard in class and participating in school activities and pushing myself to accomplish future goals. As far as financial wise, paying for school would be the only difficult thing because I’m not rich or in the Green reading group. There is a saying, “ Time is Money, “ I think that depends on who it is and what’s their status. Let’s say “ P. Diddy “ who uses that slogan, well his time consist of making money as he’s sitting in his office having lunch making millions of dollars just because of his status. I have to plan how I’m going to get my next meal for myself and my beautiful wife, making sure there is enough money for next month and not to over spend and can’t spend without a good reason, like buying a nice car and not worrying about it because of having a lot of money. Instead, if it’s mines I have to threat it like another family member. What celebrities make in one day is even a lot because they stay rich, they have endorsements, royalty checks, while the poor and middle class like the Red and Yellow reading groups, we have to work very hard don’t