School: World War I and Captain Nicholls Essay

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Racheli Herzfeld
Class 7-3
January 2, 2013 War Horse Essay

In the novel War Horse by Michael Morpurgo a horse named Joey goes through a long, difficult, and life changing journey. The setting of this story is in World War I, in England and in France. Joey was originally a farm horse who was unwillingly dragged into the war, and it was hard to cope. Joey goes through very meaningful relationships with Albert, Captain Nicholls, and Emilie throughout the story.

A young boy named Albert gets very close to a horse named Joey. When Albert realizes that his father had sold Joey, a little piece of him died inside.
"Joey is my horse. He's my horse and he always will be no matter who buys him. I can't stop my father from selling him, but if Joey goes with you, I go. I want to join up and stay with him." (page 28) Joey was Albert's best friend. Albert confided everything in Joey. It hurt Joey when his father sold him because he felt that he could hide his feelings and put his love in Joey. Which he was unable to do with his father. Even though Albert truly misses Joey, Joey eventually moves on to other people and forgets about Albert for now. He learns to love and loose others.

When Joey began the war he didn't only learn to pull carts, he learned loyalty, and friendship and that started with Captain Nicholls. Captain Nicholls was Joey's companion. Captain Nicholls would always comfort him, reassure him, and make him feel safe and protected. Joey could always count on Captain Nicholls. Captain Nicholls was always kind to him, and had fun with him, and made sure he always had proper care.

Joey and Topthorn are now in the hands of a wonderful, sweet, and lovely little girl Emilie. Emilie loves, cares, and cherishes them. Aside from her Grandpapa, Joey and Topthorn is all she has left to live for. When it was time to give Joey and Topthorn to the French soldiers, she is brave and pleading just like Albert was.
"Come back" she said. "Please come back to me. I shall die if you don't come back."
" I want them back" she said her voice strong now almost fierce.
"I'm just lending them to you. They're my horses. They belong here. Feed them well and look after them and make sure you bring them back" (page 85.) This quote shows how much Emilie cared for Joey and