Schools Teach Creationism Essay

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Kaleigh Nunn
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20 December 2012
“Creationism Does Not Belong In Science”
"As soon you realize that one species could evolve into another, the whole structure…” (Darwin) of religion becomes dirt. Science class in school teaches you the science about how the world works; it introduces you to theories and facts that involve the science of the universe. In biology, one is taught the theory of evolution, the science of how we as humans became. Evolution is the foundation of modern biology teaching students how humans once were primitive and have adapted and changed to fit the new environment, humans and all animals evolve hence the word evolution. People are finding this offensive that districts are not requiring staff to teach the theory of creationism. Creationism is a religion that involves no science, no proof and only the faith and beliefs of man. To teach creationism a long side evolutionism would be outrageous because teaching creationism is a violation of the separation of church and state, evolution is a theory of science and creationism is a theory of religion, and some might argue that students are not able to utilize their freedom of religion but due to there being various different religions another student make take offense to learning about someone else’s religion.

Due to creationism being a violation of the separation of the state and church, it cannot and should not be taught in public schools. Not only does teaching creationism violate this but “church and state must remain separate in order to keep up the faith in freedom of religion.”(Writing off Creationism) If creationism were to be involved in science it would hindrance the way students of other religions think and violate their freedom of religion. This would cause outbreaks and rivalry between each religion which would take away from education and safety of the students. Evolutionism has nothing to do with church or religion so consequently does not violate this. Indicated is why there is the separation of state and church so that outburst it government, politics, and even school about religion can be avoided best as possible.
Evolution is a theory of science and creationism is a theory of religion. Tom Davis of Austin, TX states that “Creation isn’t really a science at all. It’s philosophy.” Evolution is a gradual process in which something changes into a different and usually more complex or better form. Evolution is the thought in which man evolved from a far distant primitive organism. Creationism is the belief in the literal interpretation of the account of the creation of the universe and of all living things related in the Bible. In the bible it says that God created man, there is no science in that at all just belief. Evolutionism shows the scientific process how we as humans became which makes it relative to be taught in biology. To teach creationism in place or alongside evolutionism would be abominable to science of the world. Creationism “should be taught in a suitable context of its own and not miscategorized in the science curriculum.” (Part 2. The Educational Issues.) To believe that there is science in religion would flaw the thought of religion as a whole because science disproves beliefs in most religions, the same goes for believing that there is religion in science. Creationism and evolutionism do not go hand in hand; they are bipolar from one another which just shows that they cannot be taught side by side. Evolution is science, creationism is religion, they are not the same subject therefore they cannot be taught as one.
Some argue that students are not able to utilize their right to freedom of religion when creationism is not being taught alongside evolutionism but due to their being so many different religions in American society it would not be fair to teach just one theory of religion. Since there are many different religions and “we teach creationism, which mythology should we teach?”(Education Opinions) If