Schools of Thought Worksheet Essay

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Schools of Thought Worksheet
Write brief descriptions for each of the terms in the table below. If you use an outside source to define them, include an APA citation for the source.

General Terms
A science that deals with the relationships between groups of living things and their environments ("Merriam-Webster", 2014).
Environmental justice
A recognition that access to a clean, healthy environment is a fundamental right of all human beings (McGraw-Hill, 2003).

Environmental science
The systematic, scientific study of our environment as well as our role in it (McGraw-Hill, 2003).

An area of study that deals with ideas about what is good and bad behavior: a branch of philosophy
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It is important that people see the damages they are causing, and make the changes to lead a green lifestyle. Minimalism is a thought all people should possess. This technique will allow for more sustainable living. Biocentrism is important because all living things have value in the environment. People in my community need to focus on the importance of our resources water is scarce in the desert, and it is important we preserve what is available to ensure it lasts for decades to come. Pollution is another major environmental issue community’s face today. People feel that throwing a piece of paper on the ground would cause no harm they are wrong. Millions of people a year pollute the air, our waterways, and land ecosystems causing harm to many living species as well as damage to the environment. It takes only a second to discard trash in its proper receptacles.

The beliefs people possess vary from person to person a good educational program, laws, and regulations are a great place to start in resolving many environmental issues communities are facing. Teaching our children the importance of ecosystems, and the species living within the environment helps them to grow with a greater understanding of the value of all species on earth. We need to grow as a community and make changes for the better.


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