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My career goals in the field of Culinary Arts Management are to be able to perform in a professional manner in all of the stations that are represented within the kitchen environment. I want to be able to come in and set up in order to prepare and cook at all phases in the kitchen. I like to work as a cook and eventually be a Sous Chef. My dream job would be to become the Culinary Manager of one of Charleston’s finer hotels or restaurants. I am passionate about everything that is being done in the kitchen, such as the smell of the herbs and spices, the food being cooked on the stoves or being baked or roasted in the oven, but most of all, I love just being in this environment, which includes all of the efforts and teamwork that it takes to make everything come together in order to serve the customers. My education at The Art Institute of Charleston would help me attain my career goals. By obtaining my degree, I would be one up on the competition in my field. A college education, I believe, is very important for anyone trying to get a job today. To be able to manage and work well with my fellow employees would be the main skill that I would expect to learn when entering this career field. Learning these skills will make me prepared for the real world, because I will have hands on training from some of the best instructors in the culinary field. I will dedicate myself to my education by trying not to miss any of my classes or laboratory work, being on time, and turning in