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Individual Group Motivation Inventory Paper

Erika A. Cisneros


Delia Cantu

Individual Group Motivation Inventory Paper

After reading Chapter 6 and answering the questionnaire I was able to realize how important it is to commit to your team. I felt as if the questions were very heavy and straight forward. As you are assigned to a team, you need to identify that it requires loyalty in order to succeed as a team.
What I learned about myself Sometimes with our busy schedules we come to believe that we are doing an alright job. but when you are asked to analyze yourself as a person or a team member you come to see that you are lacking many areas. I myself learned that I have not fully given my fullest to my team.

Three weeks ago, we were called to a meeting by our VP, he advised us that the filing needed to have some work done and was very upset. He mentioned it was the simplest thing to do and yet it is not being handled correctly. As our group bundled together in a separate meeting I brought in some ideas with creating new personnel files because the old ones we had were very confusing and old. This created a few problems with the person who handles them. She has been with the company for over fifteen years. We experienced a Substantive conflict as I provided my ideas to my supervisor. The lady in charge did not want to accept my ideas, being that the rest of the group was very pleased. Fortunately, my supervisor made a decision to go on with the new project and as a result to this change, we now have more file cabinets, better space and the organization is sensational.
Problem Solving Techniques and Group Decision Making My best technique to solve a problem is having an open communication with the person or the group. It is listening to their ideas, frustrations and differences and not judging or assuming they are incorrect because we all think differently. When it comes to working, I do tend to have a lot more patience to what people have to say to me. I have learned to accept my mistakes and fix them rather than assuming they are on my case. Another technique is being honest with the group and if I do not agree on an idea I do speak out. Last week, I was called in a meeting to help solve a problem happening between two workers in a different department. It was a very tense discussion as the two employees were raising their voices. Luckily, I remained calm and asked them to please respect each other as we were in a professional environment, they agreed. This meeting lasted an hour and as they both told each other their differences, they both agreed they were lacking [their] communication skills. I know for a fact that communication is the best technique to problem solving.

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