Science 9 Drafting Tips Essay

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Remember one idea per paragraph and link one idea to the next.

You cannot use first person. This is a scientific essay. Third person passive.

Headings should describe what is in the section they represent.

The questions from the task sheet should not be copies into the assignment. This is an essay which should be written as a flowing text.

You need to label your diagrams with a title and refer to them. Eg. “As seen in diagram A – radiation particles…..”

You need to label tables with a title.

Bibliography – needs to be in correct format. No Wiki answers or other such blog sites.

Check means would you have written is not 100% true. It may be partly right or completely wrong so you need to check your information.

You can’t just quote a definition from a reference. You need to expand on this definition in your own words. Rule is 33 in 100. 1/3 someone else 2/3 your own.

Don’t repeat things unnecessarily.

Part A
A single atom cannot have different number of neutrons.

What is ……….? You should introduce concepts before explaining them. I am reading t his like a person who has little knowledge of science if you don’t explain it I don’t know what you are talking about.

Isotope table of examples. You need to introduce how isotopes are name so that I can understand what you are writing when you say Phosphorous-32 etc.

Types of radiation answers – remember radioisotopes can emits more than one type of radiation. You