Science and Animal Experimentation Essay

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Animal Experimentation

Whether supported or not, experiments done on animals have be ongoing for the last century. There is one significant reason as to why animals have been used for research and testing the unknown. Animal research has played a vital role in virtually every major medical advance of the last century- for both human and animals (Trull, 2002). The majority of knowledge pertaining to biological health issues of humans and animals such as surgery, cure of disease, and transplants has been conceived from experimenting on animals. Our life span in America has grown tremendously from the knowledge we have gained through animal experimentation. It is easy and simple to use animals such as lab rats, rabbits, pigs, etc. because the anatomy and biological make up of the animals are very similar to humans. Therefore, how they react physically and psychologically can be compared to that of humans and, in turn, we gain knowledge so that we may practically apply it to certain issues. It is suggested that the human race stop using animals in labs for experimenting because it is not ‘moral’ and ‘ethical’. Although moving away from the use of animals sounds appealing, we can not simply leave something that has been working for the past century. If we move to something more accepted by activists in terms of not using animals for research, we most likely won’t make the scientific progress that has been achieved. This is because contemporary studies are much more specific and moves slowly which makes the demand for animals higher. Along with a high demand, come highly regulated…