Science and Fluid Flow Essay

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From an early age I have enjoyed partaking in the sciences at school. I furthered this by studying them at an advanced level. I would like to study Chemical Engineering specialising in Petroleum Engineering if possible. My interest in natural resources developed when I came across a detailed article in a newspaper about "Hubbert's Peak". I became fascinated with the production of oil and the manner in which drilling for such a widely available resource has become so difficult in recent years. It is truly an engineering marvel to see companies drilling 18000ft into the sea to obtain a natural resource, which in years gone by was readily available at 2000ft. I want to be part of a new age where engineers are constantly pushing the boundaries in an effort to be cleaner, more efficient and extract value of our world's depleting resources. Enrolling on my specified course is the natural step for me to develop my interest further and will lead me to my chosen career of working within the field of natural resources.

The study of physics and chemistry has enabled me to develop my interests further. For my A2 physics coursework I researched the area of fluid flow, which I immensely enjoyed. I am aware that fluid flow plays an important part in the extraction of oil and gas. This was an area, which was also touched upon during my 2 week work placement at a local engineering company. I was involved in a team on a number of projects lead by the head engineer. This gave me an insight in the wide ranging uses an Engineering degree can have in a different array of jobs.

I believe that to succeed in life one must have a vast arsenal of skills and this is the reason why I have not limited myself to gaining experience purely in the science field. In the summer of 2007 I worked for a medium sized solicitors firm for approximately 6 weeks. I was able to experience the working life in an office environment. Meeting deadlines, working to a specific schedule, being flexible and learning how to work within new systems, were all basic tasks which prepare an individual for the time when one starts