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Science and materials

Assignment 3


Appearance/Visual – The appearance is important when selecting building materials, The visual impact can be a selling point, people can be put off if something looks horrible.
Bricks, Timber, Paint, Glass,
Resistant to Degradation – The ability of a material to resist degradation is a must when buying materials. We want materials to last and not replace every 5 10 years.
Bricks, Timber, glass
Cost – Cheapest is not the best solution when it comes to materials, we must take into account the transport cost aswell as making it.
Paint, Air, Water, Timber
Sustainability/Environment implications – Sustainable materials are the next big thing according to the government more home owners are looking for sustainable/eco friendly homes. It can be affordable to do this and better in the long run.
Timber, Glass,
Ease of use – People tend to choice materials which are not hard to install or use
Paint, Water, Bricks
Recycling Potential – We are thinking of new ways to use old materials, recycling them and re-using will save the environment
Glass, timber, lime, plaster, steel, water, , Bricks

Timber: Timber is a great material; we use timber because of it’s “appearance”, “cost”, “Resistant to degradation”, “sustainability”, and “Recycling potential”. The appearance is important as there are different types of timber with different ways of use. Cost and Environment implication are another main factor to consider and timber is ideal on saving costs and helping the

Bricks; There are many different type of bricks such as common bricks which are the cheapest or facing bricks which have a choice of colors and textures. When building a new home different types are used depending on the look you try to create.


Production/Manufacturing process
Example of re-use
Clay is crushed and mixed, sometimes add water, fed into machine and pressed into moulds
Housing walls
Saw from trees, reduce moisture content (seasoning)
Floors beams
Gypsum Plaster
Gypsum is quarried, crushed to a fine powder, then heated to drive off water
Plaster of Paris


Material and Affect
Thermal Conductivity
U Value – Timber has a low thermal conductivity, we must take care of timber as it can cause wet rot. Ceramics are a low thermal conductor also.
Water Resistant
Cement, Ceramics- Cement is water resistant, we lay this to prevent water leaks.
Fire resistant
Lime, Plaster, Concrete, cement ,Ceramics, Bricks are fire resistant, most building
Timber, Cement, concrete, Ceramics
Sound resistant
Measured in Db. Bricks, Cement, Concrete, Plaster is not a good sound insulation as it’s a light material

Bricks, Steel, Timber, Concrete, Cement, Ceramics- Concrete is ideal as it is very strong.
Bricks, Steel, Concrete, Cement, Ceramics. We use cement as this hardens on the surface and is very strong.

Ease of use/installation- we want a simple material to install and not a material which will be difficult to fit.
Timber is easy to cut, saving time. Plaster sets rapidly
Durability- We want materials which will last and be durable.
Cement, Bricks, Steel, Ceramics. We choice bricks for many buildings as they are made to last and resistant degradation



Type of deterioration
Frost attacks- water soaks into concrete it will cuase the concrete the crack
Wet rot or dry rot– if timber becomes wet is will become spongy
Sulphate attack.
Oxidation and Electrolytic corrosion


Type of deterioration
Frost attack
Ensure concrete does not remain wet and saturated for long periods
Wet rot -
Keep away from water Provide adequate ventilation and heat
Sulphate attack
This occurs in bricks,