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Unit Exam Review Guide
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Nitrogen Cycle: 1. What is the process called where nitrogen moves from the atmosphere to the ground? Nitrogen fixation
Which organism(s)/process cause this to happen? Nitrogen fixing Bacteria that live in soil plants or water capture nitrogen from the air. 2. What type of bacteria performs nitrification?
Nitrifying bacteria. Also Lightning. 3. What type of bacteria performs denitrification?
Denitrifying bacteria 4. How do plants obtain the nitrogen from the ground?
They obtain the nitrogen by uptake or assimilation. 5. The process of moving nitrogen from the ground back to the atmosphere is called?
6. What are some alternative ways nitrogen is put back into the ground? (Provide at least two additional ways besides nitrogen fixation). Decomposition and Fertilizing in the soil and animal waste.
7. Explain how nitrogen is a limiting nutrient.
Because nitrogen has to cycle through. Nitrogen can’t be taken in by plants in its naturally available form.
8. Where is the largest concentration of nitrogen found?
In the atmosphere.
9. How does nitrogen enter the food web?
Nitrogen enters the food web when plants absorb nitrogen from the soil and convert them to proteins
Carbon Cycle:
1. Define the following words:
Biosphere- The parts of the land, seas, and the atmosphere in which organisms are able to live.
Hydrosphere- The parts of the land, seas, and the atmosphere in which organisms are able to live.
Lithosphere-Rigid, rocky outer layer of the earth. atmosphere- The mixture of gases surrounding the earth, held in place by gravity.
Biotic- Anything that is living.
Abiotic-Anything nonliving
Properties of Carbon Dioxide-It is a nonmetallic element It occurs in all organic compounds
Producer- An organism that synthesizes (makes) its own food using abiotic factors. (Plants)
Consumer- An organism that has to eat a biotic factor in order to sustain life. (Humans)
2. Provide the process that transfer carbon between each “sphere”
Hydrosphere  Biosphere- Photosynthesis
Lithosphere  Hydrosphere - Weathering and erosion
Atmosphere  Biosphere Photosynthesis
Biosphere  Atmosphere Respiration
Biosphere  Hydrosphere respiration
Biosphere  Lithosphere Sedementation
3. What happens when fossil fuels are burned? They react with oxygen in the atmosphere and releases heat.
4. What happens when deforestation occurs?
It affects the ecosystem trees are cut down.
5. Is carbon ever created or destroyed? Explain. No because carbon is a cycle it never ends or begins.
Photosynthesis and Respiration:
1. What is photosynthesis? The process by which plants convert carbon dioxide, water and sunlight into food for energy and growth.
2. What is the chemical reaction for photosynthesis?
Carbon dioxide, water and sunlight.
3. What type of organism goes through photosynthesis? Plants
4. What is respiration? When plants breathe out carbon.
What is the chemical reaction for respiration?
Oxygen, Glucose, carbon dioxide and water.
Provide two examples of organisms that carryout respiration. Plants and animals.
Climate change and global warming: 1. Is climate change the same thing as global warming?
2. Explain the difference