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Adolf Hitler turned Germany into a fascist state. A fascist state emphasized patriotism, national unity, hatred of communism, admiration of military values and unquestioning obedience. Many businesses were now able to be told what to sell and what prices they should sell it at. The government could also make workers move to places that needed them. Hitler was able to control many things by this including inflation and unemployment. This also removed political parties and the trade union movement. Hitler did sign an agreement that he said he would not interfere in religion if the Catholic Church agreed not to get involved with politics in Germany with Pope Pius XI. The political organizations were also banned or under the control of the Nazis. The Spanish Civil War Began on July 17, 1936. The war was not resolved until April 1, 1939. The rebels took the victory. The first event of the revolution was the murder of Jose Castillio on July 12th 1936. On July 17, 1936 the coup began. Nationalist gained a victory with the capture of Ferrol. Franco tried to take Madrid over in October, 1936. Madrid was rerouted by republic forces. Then most crucial battle was in Teruel. In 1936 Barcelona and Madrid fell and on April 1, 1936 Franco declared the victory. Russia realized that it needed to modernize to keep up with the western powers. The populations of many places were moving from rural places to urban centers. Here people were promised to have work in the factories. Tsar Alexander established