Science: Computer Program and Development Life Cycle Essay

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The System Development Life Cycle
There are some variations as to what steps of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) are, but all of them include:
Gathering Requirements
System Design
The first step is for a software developer to talk to the people who will be using the software to see what is required. This is a very important step since it doesn’t matter if the program runs correctly if it doesn’t meet the user’s needs. The following are some of the questions that should be asked. Who is going to use the system? What tasks do they need to do? What will be the input to the system? What output is required?
The design is based on what is found out during the requirements are off, the design will be no good, but having the correct result. The software architects must do their part correctly. Mistakes made at this stage will be difficult and costly to correct later.
This is the phase where the program is actually written. It may require is a special programming language depending on what the application is and what the requirements are. The programmer(s) will write the code using the selected programming language.
The program written during implementation phase must be thoroughly test to remove any bugs and to make sure it actually meets the requirements. The program will need to be executed using test data the will make use of all parts of it.
Once the software has been delivered to