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In The News
Prehistoric sea monster- found!!


Alexi Singh - February 25, 2014


Thalattoarchon Saurophagis A.K.A “lizard-eating sovereign of the sea” Was at least 8.6 meters long and lived about 244 million years ago, during the Triassic Period. The beast was an early ichthyosaur (an extinct marine reptile of the Mesozoic era resembling a dolphin, with a long pointed head, four flippers, and a vertical tail.) part of a group of reptiles that prowled the seas during the time of the dinosaurs.!
Thalattoarchon Saurophagis!
A new study says that, recently scientists have found a new species of prehistoric sea monster unearthed in Nevada, hunted in prey it’s own size —the first ocean predator that evolved to do so. Partially excavated (reveal or extract *buried remains* by carefully removing earth.) in 1998, the Thalattoarchon fossil was unusually well preserved, including the skull, fins, and entire vertebrae. Nadia Frobisch of Berlin’s Museum of
Natural History said that “it is pretty amazing for an animal this size.” But what really captivated her attention was the reports of the animal’s fearsome teeth, briefly spotted in the last day of the 1998 expedition. So in 2010, Nadia and her colleagues returned to the site in Nevada and dug up the rest of the fossil. IN the Process the scientists discovered an enormous skull and jaw-laden with large, sharp teeth. If the
Thalattoarchon was still alive, its modern counterparts would be orcas and great white sharks. !


Nadia also noted