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PURPOSE: In this experiment I shall be trying to interrupt the signals and calls to a mobile phone through various materials.
Mobile Phone x 2
Aluminium Sheets
Lead Sheets
Step 1- in the first step I will call my phone to make sure the call will get through and the signal is fine
Step 2- after the first step I will be putting my mobile phone into my microwave closing the door then calling it (repeat 3 times)
Step 3- after completing step Two I will wrap my mobile phone in aluminium then calling it (repeat 3 times)
Step 4- then lastly wrap my phone up in a sheet of lead and then call it (repeat 3 times)
CONTROLLED VARIABLE- The two phones used to call
INDEPENDANT VARIABLE- the aluminium, sheet of lead and microwave
(((NOTE: i had my phone on vibrate so i could hear the call buzzing )))
HYPOTHESIS: I believe that after i finish this experiment the phone will not be able to recieve calls when it is in the microwave as its covered in lead and designed to not let any of the waves its transmits out, but it should be able to go through the aluminium as it is only a thin sheet and not made to prevent waves and I am unsure about the lead.
OBSERVATIONS: After placing my phone into the microwave and closing it i called my phone three times and each time the call had went through. I then wrapped my phone up in aluminium and called the phone but all three times the call had never went through. then last of all i wrapped the phone up in a sheet of lead