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If we grow crystals in three different temperatures then the temperature may affect the growth and texture of the crystals.

3 Jars Water
Measuring Cup
Food Coloring(Optional)

1) Put water in pan until it starts boiling
2) Pour your boiling water into your measuring cup
3) For every 1 cup of boiling water you put in your jars add 3 tablespoons of Borax
4) ^^Repeat that process until all your jars are filled
5) Add food coloring(optional)
6) Place your jars in the different places where they will be tested
7) After 1-2 days your crystals should be formed ready to examine

Data Analysis
The crystals that were grown in the refrigerator at a temperature of 37°Fahrenheit had a grainy texture to them. The crystals that were grown outside were mostly little crystals with a rocky texture. The crystals that were grown in the boiler room at a temperature of 60°Fahrenheint also had a grainy texture to them. The crystals outside formed in 1 day, the crystals in the refrigerator took about 1 ½ days to form, and the crystals in the boiler room took about 2 ½ days to form. The different temperatures affected the texture and how long the crystals took to form. The colder the temperature the bigger the crystals formed so the crystals outside were the biggest.

My hypothesis was correct, the temperature did affect the growth and texture of the crystals. The different temperature also affected how long the crystals took to form for example the colder the weather the faster the crystals formed and the hotter the weather the longer the crystals took to form. The temperature completely affects your end results of your crystals.

New Problem
What material grows the best crystals?

What surprised me most was how the crystals all had different end results, the crystals had the same amount of Borax and water but just put in different temperatures. One of the challenges that came with this project was when we were writing down because when they were in the jar it was hard to tell how the three jars were different. I find it interesting you can make edible crystals just by changing Borax to sugar. What I enjoyed most about the project was the at the end-end while playing with the crystals. Another thing that surprised us was the fact that a laundry detergent booster could make crystals.

Crystals are used for many reasons, one of them being scientist use them analyze the formats of compounds. Not only are…