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Scientific Method
Isaiah Tart, and Charles Wooten

Purpose: Decide what you want to learn or identify a problem.
How the amount of fun that you have, relates to you winning in a video game.
Research Question: Write a question that you are seeking to answer in your experiment.
Is winning in a video game related to how much fun you have?
Background research: Research information about your topic and question. Find out as much information as you can before you start your project. You must have at least 5 sources, and your textbook can be one of them. Your sources must be referenced properly.
E3, electronics expo, a popular event that occurs for about a week every year.

Major League gaming, a tournament specifically made for video game players.

World eSports games, another tournament made for video game players.

Pro Gaming League, an association that host tournaments for those that enjoy video games.

Cyber Evolution, an international video game tournament, it’s hosted specifically for online game players.

Hypothesis: Predict the answer to the problem; make a prediction using the “if, then, because…” format.
If students play various video games, then they will win in those games based on how much fun they had playing.
Experiment: Design a test to confirm or disprove your hypothesis. You will have independent, dependent and control variables, as well as control and experimental groups.
· Independent variable: the variable that the person conducting the experiment will manipulate.
· Dependent variable: the effect of the manipulation – the scientist measures as results.
· Control variables should not change.
For instance, in the research question: “What is the effect of different drinks on the time we sleep?”
· Independent variable: The amount of time spent playing video games.
· Dependent variable: The collaboration between whether or not the participants had fun.
· The location of the project.
Results/Analysis: Record what happened during the experiment. Data is collected and recorded during this step. Include a data table and graph that is labeled correctly and uses metric units.

Conclusion: Was your hypothesis supported? Provide an explanation as to why your hypothesis was supported or not (null = a result!). Explain possible sources of error. Explain…