BPA Hazards

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Colorado Technical University
Morris Simpson
February 18, 2013
Professor Wentzel Briar
SCI101-1301B-03 Introduction to the Science
Discussion Board Phase 1 Part 2: BPA Hazards

Bisphenol A (BPA) is normally used in plastic food or it may be use plastic pop bottles and etc. It can be very unsafe to anyone for several reasons: BPA can leach out of the plastic into items like baby formulas. A lot of baby bottles have BPA in the plastic which can cause health problems to babies if it leaches out. Scientist have ran numerous test and discovered that it associated with heart disease and diabetes. The BPA can also be inhaled as well through household products at home or any chemicals that are at or around a specific job site. Being around chemicals that have BPA around them can be very dangerous and deadly to not only humans but to animals as well. A lot people tend to ignore the signs of chemical labels which leads to health problems. Being that a lot of chemical items do not state that it is in BPA container, that can be really harmful to people. Although this is a widespread topic and debate; the food and drug administration (FDA) has done a really good job coming up with different ideas about the BPA issue. The FDA has banned BPA from babies’ bottles and also in order to recognize a bottle that is BPA; it will be on the bottom of the bottle with a number 7. BPA has been around for a long time and a lot of people have no idea how harmful it can be to them. If a person wanted to find out if they had BPA in their system and didn’t know where to go, all they would have to is make an appointment at their doctor’s office and they would be able to see through their urine. There has not been a