Science: Jack the Ripper and les chimiques Industriels Essay

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La pollution des sols a diminué la fertilité et le rendement, c’est difficile de produire des cultures saines. Les plantes ont besoin de beaucoup de nutriments dans le sol, il se traduit par l’érosion des sols. Les chimiques industriels, il peut dégager une odeur mauvaise, il causer des maux de tête, de la fatigue et des nausées chez le gens. Les animaux sont effectués par la pollution. Les organismes vivant dans le sol de la filière et les animaux qui mangent les organismes perdent leur approvisionnement alimentaire. We are rewarding anybody who can tell us of the whereabouts of Jack the Ripper 100 pounds. He is wanted for many crimes the most serious of all is the murder of five women; Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, Catharine Eddowes, Mary Kelly and Polly Nickels. PowerPoint will be playing behind us.

Everybody: In our group we researched Bonnie`prince`We researched his family life and also the reasons as to why he didn’t want the countries being united. Lastly, I hope you learn lots and enjoy our presentation.

Family Tree backdrop

will take turns to point whilst Charley says: Bonnie `Prince` Charles grandfather {James 1} was thrown of the throne by his daughter (Mary 1) and her husband. Mary 1 became Queen and then her little sister Anne 1 became Queen. This resulted in a whole new family tree beginning and Prince Charles said from the beginning that he should be rightfully on the throne. I will now pass you on to and will explain more to you about Bonnie `Prince` Charles.

Bonnie `Prince` Charles was born on 31st December 1720 in Rome Italy and died 31st January 1788. After five months of Evading. Charles himself escaped to France. In 1744 his father began an attempt with the help of France to get back the throne