Essay about Science: James d. Watson

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James Dewey Watson

Phillip A. O'Neill
Mr. Dexter
Grade 8 period 2 Science
Due date: 4/30/13
James Watson was born on April 6th 1928; he was born in Chicago, Illinois. He is best known for being the other discoverer of the structure of D.N.A. The partner that James Watson had to help with this discovery was Francis Crick, and they were the first discoverers to explain the structure if D.N.A. James Watson and Francis Crick discovered D.N.A in April 1912.When James Watson was fifteen years old he entered the university of Chicago, only four years later in the year 1947 he received his bachelor degree in Zoology.

Then went to earn a Ph.D in Zoology but at a different university; Indiana University. Then on February 28, 1953 they discovered something amazing (this date was also the date of the discovery of D.N.A), they discovered that all living matter is made up of D.N.A (deoxyribonucleic acid). After that they published their finding in the British Science Journal Nature, James Watson became a Senior Research Fellow in Biology over at the California Institute of Technology. James Watson was married to Elizabeth Lewis in the year 1968 and they had two kids; Rufus, and Duncan. His initial discovery was that he was the co-discoverer of the structure of D.N.A.

Walter Gilbert was one of James Watson’s early mentors. His father was James D. Watson and his mother was Jean Mitchell. James Watson worked as a biologist, geneticist, and a zoologist. One of his early interests was zoology. Some interesting information was that he was only fifteen when he entered the University of Chicago. His discovery meant that everything that is alive is made from D.N.A like animals and humans.

I could not find any given hypothesis for James Watson and Francis Crick; that does not mean they didn’t have one I just couldn’t find one. Also I found some information on the military, economic, or scientific value about the structure of D.N.A. it helped with cancer research and also warfare medicine. Some Biological facts are that he helped increase research for the development of genetic engineering.
Some of the problems James Watson and Francis Crick…