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Books are better than movies

Being lost in a book has to be one if the best feeling it's like you can scape reality and live in your own fantasy

It stands to reason that books are better than movies because they allow imagination, improve education and can be transported anywhere with you

It is suggested that books are better than movies because the author of the book is using his/her imagination to write a story. And in a book readers are using their imagination to think what the character looks like.

In a movie the character has already been told and been seen, where as for a better education people would be better off reading books. It will teach them to imagine and think what is happening in the book, rather being just told.

People who watch movies and don’t read will soon figure out that they can’t spell as well as they should, read or will not know their grammar and punctuation. The people who read books will learn how to spell and they will know their grammar and punctuation off by heart. That tells you books are far more educational than movies.

Where as DVD players are approximately $100 to buy so viewers are mainly paying $100 to watch some movies and that is one hard day at work.

Reading books are better for your eyes than staring at a screen for an hours!

because the whole story and details was in the book. almost all of the good scenes and happenings are all written in the book and they are not shown in the movie. and you can