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Life Science
Date Diversity of Life
Morgan Elliott

Standard: PK.CC.A.1b.: Observe a variety of familiar plants and animals to describe how they are alike and how they are different.

Teacher Guide
Students will be able to compare and contrast a variety of plants in the way they look.
Formative assessment
Students will tell me some of the things that we mentioned as differences and similarities in the plants we observed.
Teacher Materials

Student Materials
Terra Cotta pot for each student
Cup of dirt for each student
Cup of water for each student
A seed, bulb, and pod for each student
Parts of a plant cut out paper
Parts of a tree cut out paper

I will take the students to our play area. In the play area we will first discuss the plants they are used to. When they mention these plants I will ask them to describe it to me and tell me what about the plant, they notice first. This could range from size, to shape, to color, etc.
While the children and I are outside, I will instruct them to run around and gather as many plants as they can that aren’t the same. Some students can have the same plants as others. However each student must not have more than 1 of the same plant. After we gather the plants I will instruct them to find a partner. Their partner must have a similar or different plant then their own. Once in groups, we will form a sitting circle in which they will tell me what they see that is similar or different to the plants they gathered and their partners’ plants.
Once our exploration is done, I will exhibit one of my flowers I have found. I will explain the parts of the flower are the roots, the stem, flower, and the seed that it came from. Once I have explained the parts, I will tell them the function of each part. I will explain how the roots are used to gather water and nurtients from the ground, the stem is used to carry water up to the leaves, and the leaves are used to capture sunlight so the plant can continue to grow. Once I have explained the flower, I will then go on to explain the tree. I will explain the tree by it’s parts first as the roots, the trunk, the branches, the leaves, the crown, and the bulb or seeds that trees come from. Once I have explained the parts, I will also explain their functions as I did with the flower. As the students will see these are