Essay about Science Literacy Issues Intervention Report

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Science Literacy Issues: Intervention Report


1. Introduction: ______________________________________________________3
2. Students Literacy Strength and Weaknesses: ____________________________3
2.1. Literacy Strength: ____________________________________________________3
2.2. Literacy Weaknesses: _________________________________________________3
2.3. Social Conditions Positively Affecting Literacy: ___________________________4
2.4. Social Conditions Negatively Affecting Literacy: __________________________4

3. Intervention Plan:__________________________________________________4
3.1. Teacher Initiatives: ___________________________________________________5
3.1.1. Online Tool Sets: _________________________________________________________5
3.1.2. Integrated Curriculum: _____________________________________________________5
3.1.3. English Adjustments: ______________________________________________________5

3.2. Auxiliary staff Initiatives: _____________________________________________5

3.2.1. Peer Mentor:
3.2.2. Teacher’s Aid:
3.2.3. Mentor:
6 sessions:
6 on reading science text: ___________________________________________6

3.3. Student initiatives: ___________________________________________________6
3.3.1. Flashcards:
3.3.2. Supplemental Reading: ____________________________________________________6

4. Assessments: ______________________________________________________6
4.1. Reading Tests: _______________________________________________________7
4.1.1. Running Records: ________________________________________________________7
4.1.2. PM Benchmark: __________________________________________________________7

4.2. Science Literacy: _____________________________________________________7

4.2.1. Terminology Quiz: ________________________________________________________7
4.2.2. PISA:

5. Conclusion and recommendations: ____________________________________7
5.1. Conclusion: _________________________________________________________7
5.2. Recommendations: ___________________________________________________7

References: __________________________________________________________9
Appendix A: ________________________________________________________10
Helping Students Read Science Textbooks ________________________________12
Bradford L. Walker _____________________________________________________12
Richard A. Huber _______________________________________________________12

Helping Students Read Science Textbooks ________________________________13
Appendix B: ________________________________________________________21


1. Introduction:
William is a year 10 boy attending Townsville all-boy private high school. He currently shows difficulties in the areas of science and geography, specifically when dealing with terminology. This difficulty prevents William from understanding course material and assignments while being exacerbated by a complex home situation dealing with the separation of his parents.
To overcome William’s difficulties a series of curriculum changes will be implemented. There will also be constant in class help for William that will be combined with extra curricular assistance. Finally, William will develop personal study techniques to overcome his difficulties and bring him up to speed with the class. 2. Students Literacy Strength and Weaknesses:
2.1. Literacy Strength:
The strength William shows in the area of literacy is reflected in the subject areas of English, Arts, and Mathematics. In each of these no concerns have been raised by the staff. William’s strength in English should allow him to understand the majority of work given to him in Science and Geography; combined with his mathematical skills there should be no problem with his ability to complete assignments. William shows an aptitude for ICT based on personal engagement with technology at home. The ability to research and use the computer can help to overcome a terminology issue, as well as engagement