Essay on Science: Marriage and Child Support

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Full legal name & address for service — street & number, municipality, postal code, telephone & fax numbers and e-mail address (if any).

Lawyer’s name & address — street & number, municipality, postal code, telephone & fax numbers and e-mail address (if any).



My name is (full legal name)

I live in (municipality & province)

and I swear/affirm that the following is true:

I am the applicant in this divorce case.

There is no chance of a reconciliation between the respondent and me.

All the information in the application in this case is correct, except:

(State any corrections or changes to the information in the application. Write “NONE” if there are no corrections or changes.)



The certificate or registration of my marriage to the respondent has been signed and sealed by the Registrar General of Ontario and:

 has been filed with the application.

 is attached to this affidavit.

The certificate of my marriage to the respondent was issued outside Ontario. It is called (title of certificate)


It was issued at (place of issue)

on (date)

by (name and title of person who issued certificate)

and the information in it about my marriage is correct.

I have not been able to get a certificate or registration of my marriage. I was married to the respondent on (date)

  at (place of marriage)

The marriage was performed by (name and title)

who had the authority to perform marriages in that place.

Form 36:
Affidavit for Divorce
(page 2)
Court File Number
Error: Reference source not found

The legal basis for the divorce is:

 that the respondent and I have been separated for at least one year.

We separated on (date)

Other (Specify.)

I do not know about and I am not involved in any arrangement to make up or to hide evidence or to deceive the court in this divorce case.
Strike out the following paragraphs if they do not apply.
I do not want to make a claim for a division of property in this divorce case, even though I know that it may be legally impossible to make such a claim after the divorce.
I want the divorce order to include the following paragraph numbers of the attached consent, settlement, separation agreement or previous court order: (List the numbers of the paragraphs that you want included in the divorce order.)

There are (number)
  children of the marriage. They are:

Full legal name of child
Birth date

(d, m, y)
The custody and access arrangements for the child(ren) are as follows: (Give summary.)

These are the arrangements that have been made for the support of the child(ren) of the marriage:

The income of the party paying child support is $
  per year.

The number of children for whom support is supposed to be paid is (number)

The amount of support that should be paid according to the applicable table in the child support guidelines is

  per month.

The amount of child support actually being paid is $
  per month.

(NOTE: - Where the dollar amounts in clauses [c] and [d] are different, you must fill out the frame on the next page. If the amounts in clauses [c] and [d] are the same, skip the frame and go directly to paragraph 12.)
Form 36: