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Science | Keeping a Science Notebook



Keeping a Science Notebook
The Notebook
Have an adult help you find the following supplies to make an organized Science Notebook:

3-ring binder

hole punch

tabbed dividers

loose-leaf paper

folders with holes for a 3-ring binder (for projects or papers you don’t want to hole-punch)

The Sections
Use a pencil to write the names of each unit on your tabbed dividers. If you do not have enough room on the tabs, you can shorten their titles. The units are:

Earth’s Surface

Rocks and Minerals

Geologic History

Plate Tectonics

Air, Weather, and Climate

Water on Earth

Energy and Earth’s Resources

Our Place in the Universe

Scientific Investigation

The Papers
Let’s review the types of papers you will store in your notebook.

Lesson activity sheets: During activities, you may have to make observations or collect data, draw figures, or answer questions on activity sheets.

Lesson review sheets: Almost every lesson contains a lesson review sheet to help you remember the new words and information you learned in the lesson.

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Science | Keeping a Science Notebook

Lesson notes: You will practice note-taking skills at times during the year by writing down important information as you read the lessons.

Lesson assessments: You may need to take some assessments on