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Our world today is very different from the world our grandparents had when they were our age. Most of the technology that use today didn’t exist in the 1920s. Science has created, replaced, improved, and made things obsolete through the process and product of Science.

An invention that exists now that didn’t back than is the iPhone. The first iPhone came out in 2007. It was a revolutionary device that didn’t exist when our grandparents were 13. Over the years the iPhone has improved. Now we have information about whole world and we can fit that in our back pocket. The iPhone has changed the way we communicate. We now can talk face to face from face time. We can call and text in less than a minute. It’s a very efficient way to communicate.

Even though improvements are helpful they sometimes come with a cost. An example of this is greek yogurt. It’s healthier than regular yogurt but potential harm could happen from the production process on the environment. For every ounce of this type of yogurt produced, about two or three ounces of a toxic byproduct, called acid whey, is created. Acid whey is a runny waste that can remove oxygen from water when it decomposes. This gives the product the potential to kill tens of thousands of fish and turn rivers and streams into effective "dead seas."

In the future when I am my grandparents age I think we will be able to have a chip that can be implanted easily and painlessly with information you want to know. This includes