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Hakeem Stamper
Ms.Milkosky Biology cp

1. Introduction- This lab that me class recently did was about glucose and starch and if they are permeable or impermeable to certain liquids. This lab showed us what liquids can pass through a glucose cell or a starch cell and which ones cannot. We had to make the cells out of dialysis tubing and left them in sit in a cup of water. After one day of experimenting we look and observe to see what has happened. We then use a glucose test strip too see if any glucose dissolved. Then we use lugols iodine to see if the starch substance dissolved. I also wanted too see if any or the particles diffused of spread out.
2. Hypothesis – We tested to see if the membrane that we used was permeable or impermeable to glucose and starch. I think the cell membrane is permeable to glucose , which means the glucose will leave the cell. I think the cell membrane is impermeable to starch, which means the starch will stay inside the cell.
3. Materials and Methods- First thing I did was get all of my materials. Which were two cups, wax pencil, glucose, glucose test strips, scales weigh trays, two pieces of dialysis tubing, water, starch, lugols iodine, pipette and a graduated cylinder. On day one I had to label each cup starch and glucose. Then I had to get two pieces of dialysis tubing and tie a knot at one end . once I did that I had to put about two inches of glucose in one tube and two inches of starch in the other tube. Then I had to find the mass of each one and place it in one hundred milliliters of water. Once that was all done I had to make a prediction of what would happen to the cells overnight. The next day i get the cups and bring them too my desk. I then get a glucose strip from my teacher and dip it in the cup with glucose in it. I want to see did the glucose diffuse across the membrane. After that I dry the cell and mass it and record it on my data table. Then I put fifteen drops of lugols iodine into the cup with starch. This will tell me if any starch has left the cell. I finally take the cell out of the water and dry it off; I will then mass the cell and clean up my mess.
4. Results Cell Lab
Initial Mass(g)
Final Mass (g)
Change in Mass

Glucose Cell

Starch Cell

A Cell Model My were very simple. Both the glucose cell and the starch cell were permeable too the water. That’s