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Sufi Annoor, Long Nguyen
Dear, Nucleus We Chloroplast heard that you were firing someone and we have a couple of reasons why you should not fire us! If you fire us it would be like killing yourself, I do things that other organelles can’t do but wish they could. Extremely important we are your food source; given you are plant cells. The first and most important reason why you cannot fire us is because we are on basically on bottom of the food chain we make energy for the plants to survive. If you take out the ability for plants to make their own energy by firing us the Chloroplast, plants will no longer survive because our job is to turn the sunlight into energy for the plants to use to survive. Plants cannot just eat other organisms. An additional reason is because we are what makes photosynthesis work. We the Chloroplast are where the dark and light reaction takes place and the dark and light reaction has the famous sugar on plant which is Glucose. Glucose is the food supply for the little tiny organisms which the big giant organisms feast on. That is why we Chloroplast are also important to the ecosystem in the plant. And the last but not least important reason on why you shall not fire us is because we help make Oxygen, yea that’s right I said Oxygen. A byproduct of photosynthesis and without Oxygen there’s no way any other organisms would live other than other plants. And basically if you fire me you are firing the Mitochondria because they need my Glucose to