Science: Public Speaking and Mr. Bruce Essay

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To: Mr. Allan Agrawal and the chapter’s Executive Committee
CC: Florence Milano, President of Data Solutions, Inc.
From: Yuniel Lopez
Date: [ 10/21/2012 ]
Re: Course of action regarding monthly informative program for chapter members
It has come to our attention Mr. Bruce's first speech last week was a disaster. He apparently had not prepared for the occasion and didn't seem to know exactly whom he was addressing. He focuses on impressing the audience with his speaking skills rather than on the audience’s understanding of the message. Ineffective presenters lack the ability to inform, engage and connect with their listeners. Public speakers inform, persuade, debate and toast. Presenters spark laughter, stir compassion and persuade audience members to take specific steps. Sometimes a speaker's words left listeners feeling bored, confused or uninspired.
Public speaking can be scary, but it is an effective method for expressing ideas. Preparing your presentation takes patience and thought. Keeping your audience in mind throughout your presentation, and tailor your speech to their needs. His topic had some potential, but the delivery was so disorganized that the audience became restless. Many of his comments were off-topic. My decision will be to coach Mr. Bruce before the next speech. Mr. Bruce cannot overstate the importance of listening when it comes to public speaking. In spite of the role that listening plays in the realm of public speaking, there are a host of barriers that hinder an audience from being fully aware of and totally engaged with a speech. Recognizing those barriers and how they affect the ability to listen will put you on the road to more effective listening.
Please see below course of action and suggestion on potential plan for upcoming speech.
Persuasive speaking aims to convince people to take some form of action. To achieve that goal, you must get your listeners to change their attitudes and beliefs. Or you must reinforce the attitudes and beliefs they already hold. That means you must have a thorough knowledge of your audience before you prepare your presentation.
Mr. Bruce will need to accomplish and perform this skills prior his next speech. 1. Research a topic – Good speakers stick to what they know. Great speakers research what they need to convey their message. 2. Focus – Help your audience grasp your message by focusing on your message. Stories, humor, or other “sidebars” should connect to the core idea. Anything that doesn’t needs to be edited out. 3. Organize ideas logically – A well-organized presentation can be absorbed with minimal mental strain. Bridging is key. 4. Employ quotations, facts, and statistics – Don’t include these for the sake of including them, but do use them appropriately to complement your ideas. 5. Master metaphors – Metaphors enhance the understandability of the message in a way that direct language often can not. 6. Tell a story – Everyone loves a story. Points wrapped up in a story are more memorable, too! 7. Start strong and close stronger –