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Name: Karen Kim
Date: 5/25/15
Period: 2 Moon Observation Reflection
Remember to use complete sentences that restate the question in your answer.
Remember this is your opportunity to show what you have learned­ use scientific vocabulary to support your answers with evidence. A. What was the objective of this project? (what purpose did it serve?)
The objective to this project was to really have us interact with the moon so that we could learn about its phases more directly.

B. List each step that you had to follow to successfully complete this project.
First I had to know what time the moonrise and moonset was so that I could set up a time that was compatible with the moon. Second I went outside and saw the moon, and made observations, for example whether the moon was in it's waning phase or it's waxing phase. I also shaded in the drawing of the moon and the left side of the paper, to show what I saw.
Lastly at the end of the observation paper I drew my prediction on where the moon would be for the next week. These were the steps I took to complete this project.

What do you understand about the changing appearance of the moon now that you have completed the moon observation project? (your answer should show you understand how and why the moon's appearance changes­ these are two different questions with two different answers!) HOW(describe how the moon's appearance changes as it waxes for two weeks and then wanes for two weeks): The moon's appearance changes because of how the sun's light is hitting the moon and how the moon is always revolving around Earth. For example the moon would be in its waxing phase for 2 weeks because the moon would be on the left side of it's orbit and the sun would continuously hit the right side of the moon until it revolved to the right side of it's orbit in this case the sun would get blocked off gradually ending the moon phase.

WHY (describe why the moon waxes and wanes):
The moon waxes and wanes because of the angle the sun's light is hitting, waxing is when the right side of the moon gets lighter, and waning is when the right side of the moon gets darker, this is because when waning and waxing the sun either is facing away from the moon or is directly facing it.

What are some of the highlights and challenges of participating in a month­long moon observation project? (a thorough answer will include and describe at least two separate ideas for each) Highlights (things you enjoyed or found very interesting):
Some highlights of this activity was how I got to go outside and gaze at the moon while completing this project, and also how