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Science Report : Cathy Foley
Cathy Foley is a Chief Research Scientist with CSIRO Materials Science and Engineering. She joined the CSIRO Division of Materials Science in 1985 as a National Research Fellow, being promoted to Senior Research Scientist in 1991, Principal Research Scientist in 1996, Senior Principal Research Scientist in 2000 and Chief Research Scientist in 2008.She leads and is a strong advocate for women in science. Cathy has a world-class reputation in her field being a Fellow of the Institute of Physics in the UK, Immediate past President of the Australian Institute of Physics. Thus, She is seen as someone who could possibly inspire other women to enter into such a field. This is especially relevant since she is in such a high position with the CSIRO.
Cathy is the Research Program Leader for Devices Systems and Engineering and a project leader of a Superconducting Devices and Applications Project. This is developing superconducting systems for mineral exploration. She also is responsible for the detection of metal for quality assurance in manufacturing, electrode-less heart monitors and remote detection of contraband at airports, terahertz imaging, submarine and UXO detection and quantum computing.
Cathy Foley is shaping the future of Australian Science, as to reiterate from above is encouraging women to embrace science. Foley is one of the only few Australian women who hold such a senior position in Science. Not only this, Foley has been a president of various national scientific organisations. Therefore, it can be seen she is regarded as an important figure of the Scientific community. The importance of her work is seen through her core research activities. Especially since she is responsible for the detection of metal for quality assurance in manufacturing, which is extremely important. As she and other workers in the industry would be responsible for any failure in the manufacturing. Not only this, Foley believes women have different