Essay on Science: Skin and Stratum Lucidum

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1. 1. stratified squamous epithelium
2. keratinocytes
3. collagen
4. melanocytes

2.) a. prevents desiccation b. prevents bacterial invasion c. protects against thermal damage d. protects against UV damage

3.) 1. stratum lucidum
2. stratum corneum and stratum lucidum
3. papillary layer
4. dermis as a whole
5. epidermis as a whole
6 stratum basale
7. stratum corneum
8 stratum spinosum
9. dermis as a whole
10. stratum basale
11. stratum spinosum
12. papillary layer


epidermis hair shaft dermis lucidum

hypodermis corneum
Pacinian corpuscle granulosum Spinosum Basale Dermal paillae Hair root Sebaceous gland Hair follicle Arrector pili muscle Sweat glands Hair bulb Nerve fiber

A. laminated
B. fibroblasts
C. sebaceous and apocrine glands
D. epidermal dendritic
E tactile or merkel disc