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Charles R. Michael
Structural Engineering and Physics
Rochester Engineering Project Chuck described his engineering field as being an imaginer. He imagines things that don’t yet exist and makes them happen. He creates the vision, develops the strategy, finds the money, finds the engineers, designers, planners and attorneys. His current job title is that he owns a consulting engineering firm where he is the project manager for the High Speed Passenger Rail Project. He is also the president of a research and development firm creating the next generation in transportation solutions. His particular jobs and duties he does is similar to a futurist; creating a vision to solve problems that may not exist in some form today but will in the future such as energy shortages and transportation congestion. A great deal of his work is thinking. Chuck’s average work schedule usually begins at 4 a.m. until 8 a.m. and then from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. He graduated from Rapid City High school in Rapid City, SD in 1968 and then enrolled in South Dakota School of Mines and Technology with majors in Civil Engineering, math, and physics. Freshman year he entered the US army. In 1969 he attended several Army Training courses and was stationed in the Panama Canal Zone with the 8th Special Forces Group. He attended Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff and returned to South Dakota of Mines and Technology. If Chuck got to do his career over again he would’ve wanted to complete his doctorate in engineering and maybe a law degree. He would’ve also opened his own business sooner. Chuck’s advice to someone interested in the same career as him he says;