Scientific Method and Change Management Essay

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January 2013
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Change management
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How does film industry handle change?
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The aim of this research project is to investigate change management in film industry and how effective it is in operations. The intention is to clarify and analyse the strategies or issues that can improve the work process. Change management involves extraordinary regulations of methods, techniques, implements, approaches and theories to accomplish a desirable result using change. This way of management is meant for structure development to be successful.
This project will present the word ‘change’ as an organisational change. The organisation changes along with the world and it does not wait for anyone, it needs the work to be done. Instinctively the definition of ‘organisation’ is understandable but probably not everyone determine it in the same way. The essential point of organisation is that it is created based on human interactions. The implied skills and feelings are stress, fear, logic, integrity and systematic character.
There is hardly a prediction; people do not know when stressful things are going to

come in what parts of producing or managing a production or managing a great crew, because every project is different. One project might be that finances are stressful; another project might have production or post production issues. In the end it is all part of the change management that people have to deal with in the process of film industry. Background
In addition, in this project I will research various theories of change management.
Fiona Wilson in her book Organizational behaviour and work states that perhaps the most convenient for understanding the concept of organizational behavior would be the ‘implicit personality theory’. This involves a collection of ideas and suppositions that are used to define, collate, and comprehend people. Likewise it is assumed that the whole person’s characteristic can be generalized by looking at one particular feature. For instance, when someone occurs to be aggressive might as well be stupid or if someone is happy then it is expected to see that person to be friendly.
The implicit personality theory transforms to a thought where would be relevant to shape hypotheses or postulates about what characteristics match in one individual.
Usually facing imperfect material might lead to the ‘logical error’ as people summarize in haste. Moreover chaos theory will be described in order to picture situations in the film industry that can not be controlled but have to be handled. There is a big part about budget schedules and managers role in it. Making films or any projects on TV production due to deadline happened to be not easy task and one of the reasons can be a financial problem. Role of manager in this case is essential as he or she becomes a link, an important detail of process that has to connect, communicate, deal, decide and change the situation to make it work in right direction. Hence special skills and attitudes required for this job such as diplomacy, methodical skills and courage. Therefore many skills and traits will be researched, as well as methods and technics that are already practiced and implemented by experienced managers.

The methodology of this assignment is mostly secondary research. The data will be collected from reliable books as well as from e-books. Carefully selected material will be used to support and expand ideas. Primary research will be used for chapter 3 and the method