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The need for ‘disaster preparedness’ has at no time been more urgent. The current rate and intensity of natural and man-made disasters “has multiplied more than six fold over the last 30 years” (Schulz and Blecken, p.637, 2010); Research shows that the existing rate will “increase by a further multiple of five over the next 50 years” (Kovac, p.7, 2012). (ADD MORE REF)

In a bid to take disaster preparedness measures, The Irish government has recognised the need for a humanitarian hub at Shannon airport. This, though limited by maintenance cost, will provide timely, cost-effective and coordinated humanitarian intervention. The proposed project must however be assessed to evaluate its feasibility before commencement. A feasibility study is essential for informing organisations about the probability of success in a proposed project. AIM
The aim of the study as stated in the terms of reference is “to provide an independent, evidence based assessment of the feasibility, viability and value for money of the potential humanitarian hub at Shannon Airport, and to identify practical ways in which this might be realised”.
The project shall contribute to the following objectives
The Irish governments’ objectives behind the request for the project feasibility report are to * Examine the desirability for a humanitarian hub in Ireland by humanitarian actors * Explore the viability of establishing a humanitarian hub at Shannon airport * Global mapping of humanitarian/emergency logistical and warehousing arrangements * Assess the legal acceptability and restrictions of the proposed project by the EU and EEAS * Identify ways by which Shannon airport would improve the quality of response of the current humanitarian logistical system * Provide cost estimations for the proposed project
Based on the aim of the project to examine the existence of a business case, the desirability, feasibility and viability of the hub will be assessed. This approach is most suitable because it establishes the need (demand) for a product/service (desirability) before assessing its feasibility and financial viability. Hence, the following questions will be answered: What do humanitarian actors desire?
What do humanitarian actors desire?
Desirability What is organisationally feasible?
What is organisationally feasible?

What is financially viable?
What is financially viable? Viability

The role of CAD within the given project will be to * Assess the potential desirability of the hub by humanitarian actors * Conduct an independent, evidence-based assessment of the feasibility of establishing a humanitarian hub at Shannon airport * Provide extensive assessment on the viability and ‘value for money’ of the given study IMPORTANCE OF THE STUDY The study is essential for LIT REV Competitive advantage – those factors that make Shannon more suitable than any other location To conduct a comprehensive feasibility study, a detailed environmental analysis would be executed. This involves