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* Annotated Bibliography
Alainnah Rodriguez


Hewlett, K. (2002). How to publish your journal paper. Monitor Staff, Vol 33, No. 8. Print version: page 50. Retrieved from
This article is a how-to paper. Kathryn explains how to properly publish a journal paper. There are a lot of great suggestions in this particular article. Hewlett explains how you should get a view of how you want your paper to look and what information you want your readers to know about. Do not procrastinate and do not look past any revisions that may need fixed.

Hoyle, ?., Hall, ?., & Tang, ?. (2005). A Graduate Students' Guide to Involvement in the Peer
Review Process
. Publishing information missing. Retrieved from This document helps students become more familiar with Peer Review and the benefits of being involved in their classmate’s work. Peer Review is a process that involves all parties. Everyone in the class who participates, gets feedback from other students and the teacher.

Murray, B. (2002). Research fraud needn't happen at all. Monitor Staff, Vol 33, No. 2. Print verysion, page 27. Retrieved from
This article goes in to talk about how professors have been caught falsifying information and using it as their own work. The article says that this is not something that happens often, it is actually quite rare that a teacher would do this. This is helpful because it lists what happens to a teacher that gets caught? Imagine what a student will get for falsifying information and using it as their own. There is no reason why anyone should steal another person’s work. Someone worked really hard to write the information, and people who just don’t want to look for the information themselves, just copy and paste.

Is research at risk? By BRIDGET MURRAY (Monitor Staff)
April 2002, Vol 33, No. 4 Print version: page 40 This article talks about how in the future (whether it be near future or many, many years from now) schools may have less resources to conduct research. Schools may have to get their funding cut in order to possible save a little money for research. More people are going to have to go back to opening a book and searching for what they need instead of relying on Google.

Organizing a community By Jared C. Clark
Print version: page 42 This article talks about how to organize groups of friends and keep up on school work as you enter you final months of schooling. Keeping a group of friends