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Research Methods and Techniques

Module Handbook
Term 2 2012/13

Dr Eleanor Davies (module leader)


Research Methods and Techniques

Module Handbook


The aim of this module is to provide students with a substantial body of knowledge relating to the principles of research design and of how methods of data collection and analysis relate to the design of a research investigation. Students will be encouraged to practice the design of research projects and the subsequent reporting of results.

The module tutors are:
Dr Eleanor Davies (Module Leader)

During the year, further staff will contribute to the module. Check Unilearn for further details.

Learning Strategy and Method

The taught component of the module will be in the following manner.

Lecture 10.15-11.15 Monday every week

Workshop 2 hours seminar fortnightly. Check timetable for your session.

Attendance is compulsory at all timetables sessions.

Lecture Schedule

1. Introduction to the module / Business and management research 2. Formulating and clarifying the research topic 3. Critically reviewing the literature 4. Understanding research philosophies and approaches 5. Formulating the research design 6. Sampling 7. Collecting primary data using semi-structured, in deptha dn group interviews 8. Collecting primary data through questionnaires 9. Analysing qualitative data 10. Analysing quantitative data 11. Writing and presenting your work 12. Final reflections

This module is supported by 6 2-hour workshops
| |Topic |Notes |
|Workshop 1 |What is research and mindmapping | |
|Workshop 2 |Using electronic resources to review the literature |For this session, you must bring along a |
| | |laptop |
|Workshop 3 |Interviewing | |
|Workshop 4 |Questionnaire design | |
|Workshop 5 |Qualitative data analysis | |
|Workshop 6 |Writing the proposal | |

Deadline : Friday 8 th February.
All students must submit their research topics online. Separate guidance will be given.

Hours of study
The module has a value of 15 credits. This suggests that the average student will need 150 hours of study to successfully complete the module. Some students will take longer, some will take less time. The 150 includes the block delivery contact time.

The module assessment will be based via an individual research proposal and literature review. The format of the proposal /literature review will be a poster and Standard University Regulations apply to the assessment of these marks. Full details of the assessment are given at the end of this handbook.

• Students are invited to show the module leader a draft of their coursework for formative feedback prior to submission. This is formative assessment. • An assignment cover sheet must be completed by the student before submitting the assignment. Cover sheets can be downloaded from Unilearn. • The submission deadline is 23.59 on the hand-in date. • The coursework must be submitted electronically via Turnitin on Unilearn by 10 am on the hand-in date.