Scientific Method and Steps in Scientific Inquiry Paper

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Scientific Method and Steps in Scientific Inquiry Paper
Monique Reed
February 22, 2015
Dora Baker

Scientific Method and Steps in Scientific Inquiry Paper
In this paper in will provide details on how scientific methods can be used in the Human services. Explaining the steps of scientific methods, and how it serves as an important key to Human services professionals. Each steps will be included on how they are define and what purpose it serves will scientific methods are applied. Human services professionals use the scientific methods to gain information on the client as well as how to approach the clients issues. Also researching other resources to meet the needs of the client to ensure the client is receiving accurate
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The Article
After researching articles that concerns Human services professionals and scientific methods, Academic integrity in action research by Mortin Levin was found. The article demonstrates on how to focus on solving pertinent problems. Details in the article reveals how to solve problems by using research skills to help determine what to be the right solution and what is determined to be not helpful in solving problems. According to the text book “Academic integrity is introduced as the issue that is essential for shaping research of high rigor from AR, and it is conceptualized as the combination of formal (substantive and methodological) research skills, strategic political capacity, and the ethical and moral stature necessary to argue and act for seeking the best possible understanding (truth)” (Mortin Levin (AR) 2013). This article demonstrates how scientific methods is applied to when it concerns researching how to solve problems. Finding out first what the topic, meaning what is the problem. Finding the right resource that pertains to the problem and how can they be used to identify the problem. The article also identifies why problem solving is important and how it can produced positive results. The article used communication, and writing skills to help with