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Mr. Cardenas & RAj Scientific Revolution is the Ideas and Inventions of Scientists By which they changed the thinking way of peoples. Scientific Revolution brought conflict B/W Religious peoples and Scientists. It had Many benefits upon society. Scientists introduced the peoples with Truth and Reality and invented new Devices. The Scientific Revolution affected society positively. Scientists brought new theories with facts and challenged the status quo and introduce the peoples with truth and gave new Inventions. Scientists had positive affect on peoples. Scientists Proved their Hypothesis Scientifically. Scientists Change the way of thinking and introduce the truth “Ibn-al-Haytham was the first person to hypothesis with verifiable experiments. He Studied a lot about light and he wrote a book in which he submitted all the Data about light which was named as “kitab e manzir”. To test his hypothesis he invented “light and Color do nat blend in the air”. He invented the First Camera”. He challenged the Satus Quo By Getting Massive Study about Light and he proved his hypothesis with facts and proves. He introduced the peoples with Reality. Conflicts Developed in societies with the birth of modern science between Religious peoples who had superstitions and Scientists who challenged their Superstitions with facts. Scientists got punish Because of Challanging the Superstition. Modern science Challanged the status Quo and…