Essay about scientific revoulution

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Cindy Faied
Ms. Garcia
World history
September 13th 2014
Scientific revolution
The scientific revolution was a break out of scientific discoveries. This revolution created friction Between the church, scientist an philosophers. This was because, the scientific discoveries made deified The church’s teachings and beliefs.
During the scientific revolution one of the biggest discoveries made was the heliocentric diagram of the universe, in which the sun stands in the center of the universe , rather than the churches Belief that the earth stood in the center of the universe (geocentric diagram of the universe). The idea of the sun standing in the center of the universe was originated in ancient grease. However in the early 1500s Nicolas Copernicus (a polish clerk and astronomer ) questioned the teachings of the church. The church had a hard time accepting this concept because the heliocentric diagram shows that the earth is in fact not the center of the universe. being that the church believes that god created man, and god is the center of the universe, the catholic church had a hard time accepting the concept that the universe literally does not revolve around gods creations.
Another discovery mad during the scientific revolution that caused friction with the catholic church, was that the moon and the stars where not made out of perfect substances. this discovery was made by Galileo, made easy by his improvements to the telescope, (who also supported Copernicus theory of the heliocentric diagram). originally the catholic church supported