Scientists Develop Tools To Make More Complex Biological Machines

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Yes to Yeast
Synopsis: Imperial College London researchers have taken an ancient component and transformed it into so much more than thought possible. A new type of biological “wire” using proteins that interact with DNA is being created. These wires are beneficial because they can be re-engineered a lot of times to create potentially billions of connections between DNA components (Imperial College London). Future machines could include cells engineered to carry out tasks similar to computers. Some will even be yeast-based and can contribute to identifying water contaminants and recording environmental conditions to see if any improvements can be made to the production process of manufacturing biofuels. In conclusion, these machines are vital to the advancement of society.

This informative article “Scientists Develop Tools to Make More Complex Biological Machines from Yeast” touches upon the advantages of new biological science advances. Imperial College London researchers have shown their true potential by creating beneficial “‘promoters’ which are needed for re-programming yeast to perform different tasks” (ScienceDaily). Some of the uses of these yeast machines include recording environmental conditions and detecting water contaminants. However, resources of the yeast project are limited. Taking such a simple component like yeast and using it for advantageous scientific discoveries is a feat on its own, but using it for monitoring pollution and environmental conditions is an even bigger one. While creating biofuels, “a natural alternative from other fuels [that] is attained from living or biological matter that has just died” (Biofuelwatch), scientists use the little robots to monitor pollution and other conditions. As a result, creating the biofuels will be prosperous and possibly even be made faster with these new inventions. In addition to constructing biofuels, using biological machines from yeast to keep a close eye on pollution is an asset. Land, air, and water are all elements of the Earth which are carelessly being polluted. And even though humans claim they will aid in decreasing pollution, they never do. As a result, these machines will motivate people to help make the environment healthier. To continue, these mini Albert Einsteins are also used for water contamination purposes. Specifically, they detect any contaminants so that the water can be further investigated and purified. To add to, we may learn about more water destroyers that could abuse the human body or other life that may drink from these poisoned water sources. All in all, with the use of biological machines from yeast for unveiling water contaminates, the most sacred liquid on Earth can be purified so no human becomes unhealthy due to these pollutants. Consequently,